Tuesday, December 18, 2018


I bought this book after a lot of trepidation.  I know this book is about a deformed kid and it has received many accolades but I didn't read any reviews as it may be a spoiler to big plots.  I thought it may have these emotional trauma, would be depressing, but I finally bit the bullet and read it.. Wow!! I didn't shed a tear.  I was emotional though, in a lot of places, but it didn't sadden me.  The whole story was like a big warm hug.  The story is light, inspirational yet will linger for a very long time. 

The Pullman family is the ideal family you would imagine.  They have their ups and downs but they stick together.  The fact that they are dealing with a deformed kid does not arouse any regret or pity.  Sometimes when we read the story in one person's point of view and we lack to see the depth of the characters surrounding it.  But the author has provided chapters in the form of point of view of some of the main characters, which justifies their emotions and actions.  The story does not stagnate, it keeps moving but it shifts focus through the characters.  The author has managed to not preach or be philosophical and yet has underlined the importance of being exceptional in character.

The last few chapters were a bit dramatic but it was necessary to make it inspirational.  The kid is just deformed, not spastic or retarded.  Just deformed.  Still the author has beautifully portrayed all the difficulties of this 10 year old.  At last we understand "Beauty is just skin deep".  This book falls under the category of 10-12 years.  But I guess a beautiful story defies all ages.

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