Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Half girlfriend - Review

When Madhav Jha meets Chetan Bhagat to hand him over a pile of journals, he tells him it belonged to his half girlfriend.  Intrigued, Chetan reads all the journals and calls Madhav to meet him the next day.  The story we read in the consequent chapters are Madhav's narration of his whole life.  At the end, the author add a twist and makes Madhav read his half girlfriend's journal.  Madhav discovers that she is alive and there is scope for him to win her back.  But why the name Half girlfriend?  She is indecisive and doesn't take their friendship to the next level.  But still they are exclusive.. Huh?? Sounds confusing.. read the novel to find more.  There can be no spoilers in this review, because it is a typical film type ending with both of them leading their lives together.  Sometimes I wonder if CB writes novels so that they can be made into films.

Chetan Bhagat has given a good account of the typical college life with a horny hero and a pretty heroine, but that extents to almost half the book.  The next half revolves around Bihar and the typical mindset and standards of the people.  His narration of the rural school is a real eyeopener.  In the sense, how pathetic can the conditions be, without the basic amenities like the toilet.  I appreciate the author for subtly suggesting the various options the administrators can have in developing these rural schools.  Chetan could have handled the story better.  In the final phase it took me a minute to realise if it was Madhav's point of view or Chetan's Point of view.  I am yet to complete Revolution 2020, but I heard that this book makes 2020 book a better one.

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