Friday, January 1, 2016

Twenties Girl

Sophie Kinsella is one of my very favorite authors.  The first work that I had read of her is "The Undomestic Goddess".  I was bound to the story from the word go.  Her story telling can be so compelling.  So is this story "Twenties Girl".  Normally I would wait till the sweet romance starts for the girl.  This would happen at about the second to fourth chapters.  But here the protagonist Sara Lington meets her Great aunt Sadie at her funeral as a ghost.  Yup, a ghost story, but something on the lines of Casper, or friendly ghosts.  Her great aunt requests orders Sara to investigate about her lost necklace.  And what follows is a very adventurous story. 

Sara goes to great lengths to retain her great aunt's body so that she can have her one last wish fulfilled.  But the investigation into the missing necklace leads her to the truth about her family heritage and some really sad episodes of Sadie's life.  Finally Sara successfully unveils the truth and helps Sadie leave a trail of herself for the world.  Being a Guardian Angel how Sadie brings good luck to Sara is a laugh riot.

The bonding between the two was very natural and one can feel a riot of emotions from the start to the finish.  At the end we cannot help but feel the twinge of pain as Sara deals with her loss.  The special thing about this story is the romance between Sara and Ed is very subdued and the bonding between Sara and Sadie is more pronounced.

Reading the title, I thought this would be a story of a twenties something girl.  Yes it was, and it was also because the story revolves around the 1920s Great aunt Sadie who now takes the form of a 20s some thing girl.  Could also be because Sadie forces Sara to wear 1920s costumes at start, which start to become Sara's regular attire.  The dragonfly necklace in the cover is the necklace that gets the whole story running.

This was a very light read with a good message about family bondings.  I am still waiting to read her famous Shopaholic series.  Just waiting till I collect about a couple of books in the series.

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