Thursday, December 27, 2018


Moongphali is a book I bought for my kid after hearing rave reviews about it.  Each story is an eclectic mix of adventure, fun, frolic while underlining the virtues like empathy, honesty, self discipline among others.  The author does not preach but every story by itself makes the protagonist a better person through their resolve.

The story are a good span that is not too lengthy but is enough to keep the child engrossed in the plot.  All the stories were really good but I especially like the chapters of Poonam's Chappals, The perfect doll and the hundred rupee note stories.  The story about the clones were weird but it is fiction and any child would appreciate a good imagination.  The stories are refreshingly new set in contemporary India.

The illustrations were too good that we can frame those pages and it will look good by itself.  The DIYs and craft projects at the end of each story is a good memento to carry from the book.  The book is  for 8 years and above.  The English is plain and the descriptions are very vivid.  The plot is too riveting but I doubt if for the kid's age they can find the end of the story predictable.  All in all a very entertaining and educative find every child should read.  A very delicious read, just like its title.

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