Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The boy who swallowed a nail and other stories

Have you ever been told about little chapters of life by your grandmother or mother at bed time.  Well this book is a very similar one.  Except here we get a glimpse of Lalita Iyer's life.  She opens her childhood days and the pure joy it brings.  I know it is all about the parent's days to a child now, but that will not stop them from enjoying the emotions, the pranks and the joy that the child then had experienced.  Some of the chapters (like the first and the fourth) did not have any plot or story, but were simply an account of happenings.

The language is kept very simple and so is a good fit for 8-12 years.  Also the beautiful and vibrant illustrations will keep them very happy. The last chapter, The Boy who swallowed a nail reminds our family of our son who swallowed a magnet when he was a couple of years old.  This book will take you down a beautiful memory lane for adults.  We can immediately bond with the scenes and stories no matter where we grew up (be it north or south India).  Though its not roll on the floor funny, this book gives you a warm feeling like a beautiful hug and keeps you engaged till you have finished the book.

The author's blog can be reached at www.mommygolightly.com

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