Saturday, December 16, 2017

Front Pleated Kameez

Well this is kind of late for this update.  I mean I had sewn this dress for my house warming party way back in May 2017.  But I guess its never late to mention the alterations I have made.  I wouldn't say alterations as its just the bling that got replaced.

So we go shopping for dress and I was left with a choices that had hit the market way back and was still trending.  No sign of pleated Anarkali which was creating a buzz throughout.  So when my hubby asked me to quickly choose a dress, I knew I had to sew my own.  I am no expert at this but I can figure out based on a few detailed pictures.

I had to make up my mind on the colour and the fabric, on the spot!  I was literally stumped and colour blinded at the same time.  My brain was buzzing with a hundred different suggestion and I was struggling to make a decision.  Finally I selected a good green in raw silk and a brocade fabric in the same green.  But since I wanted to highlight the pleats, I had to again buy a different brocade in pink.  Also the decision was made because of the net fabric that I had highlighted my yoke part with.

Then comes the important part, accessories or bling.  I was exhausted enough with the shopping for home and the function, so I picked up the first thing I  could lay my hands on.  Believe me, even for this, getting the right colour was a bit tough.  So I kind of went with something you can see on the photo.  I know it looks cheap and what was I thinking.  Ever since it has been sleeping in my wardrobe.  Finally guilt took over and I made some honest effort to find some alternative.  (could have been that or the fact that I was finally getting some ME time in the mall, ALL ALONE, can you believe it??).  I rattled every button shelf I could find and finally the above button showed up, just like that.  It was the right size and it would be a good and decent replacement to that cheap bling.

Now its all ready to wear.  Pardon me for the poor lighting and wrinkled clothes.  What can I say, I
am a old soul in lazy bones.  So may be I will update the proper ironed and neat dress when I wear it (God knows when!!).  Till then bye and do share which version you liked better.

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