Monday, January 4, 2016

Pasanga - 2, A Review

On New year's day we went to watch Pasanga 2 directed by Pandiraj.  A lot of good reviews about the film, so had a good vibe about the film.  This is the last of the kids trilogy Pandiraj had been directing.  Pasanga and Marina are among the best kids movie and I was sure Pasanga 2 would not be less of a standard.  But a few comments were made that it was in the lines of Taare Zameen Par or Anjali.  Though the story handles a very similar story with similar emotions, this also explores about the pregnancy, its effect on the child's birth and the child's character.  A lot of research has gone into the making.  Like kids waking the parents as soon as we are in the bed, the long queues for getting admitted int he  top school, report cards atrocities and many many more.

In 'Taare Zameen Par' the child is sent to a hostel and similarly here too the children are sent to a hostel.  This paints a rather painful image as if the boarding schools are prison.  But these kids diagnosed with ADHD get a breath of fresh life with the amazing duo, Suriya and Amala Paul.  Sometimes the kids behavior gets too far like insulting the Secretary of the building because she is a very uptight character.  But other than that the story drives its message as to believe in the child not just in the school to build their future.  It is worth a watch to learn for ourselves the common mistakes that we can avoid and to handle our children better (whether ADHD or not).

My kid thoroughly enjoyed the naughty, witty plays of the children.  The part when Nayana narrates a story to get admitted in a school was the best.  My kid couldn't stop wondering about it even after coming home.  A more thoughtful message would be to learn the talents of the kids and nurture them.  Who knows what great height they could scale with their born-talents?

The climax scene however apt and touching for this movie, makes me wonder and compare with "Taare Zameen Par".  How many ever times that I watch "Taare..." I am bound to cry.  Well Pasanga 2 movie climax could have been better, though it drives a very compelling suggestion to boost the children's morale.  In my opinion the story slumps after the interval.  But a clean movie, worth watching with the whole family and no awkward scenes even for a second.

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