Sunday, March 4, 2018

My Little Garden

When we were small kids, our house used to have a garden.  And we also used to grow a few plants on our terrace, in the jute rice bag.  Yeah, those were the days when plastic wasn't everywhere.  So everyday it would be my and my brother's (mine mostly) chore to water the plants.  My mother would occasionally go through the weeds and plant new saplings.  I remember her even churning the soil with cow dung as a fertiliser. 

It used to be such fun.  I used to read and write beneath the jasmine creepers during the evenings.  It would be such a pleasant and fragrant experience.  I remember studying hard for my exams under the coconut trees.  Even a harsh may summer afternoon would feel like a breeze sitting on that grass under those coconut trees.  In the evenings, I would spend my lazy hours in the balcony where the coconut tree would fan me the cool breeze.

Summer were the most active time when we would have nothing to read and all time to spend how ever we wish.  During our school days, we would spend the entire evening and part of the night in the terrace.  My mother would go for a couple of hours to prepare our dinner and we would all feed under the moon light or the incandescent bulb.  Such fresh and green memories.  And all of them always had a plant or a tree with it.

After my marriage and my kid, gardening was out of scope.  And mostly it was just a couple of pots.  And between houses I had lost them too, when we couldn't hold on to them due to space.  Now that we have our own, we decided to take on the terrace gardening.

It is not anything new, but still I have forgotten how to tend to plants.  After a few slips our way, we are still learning and enjoying.  It is like seeing a child grow.  And emotionally it so calming and bonding.  I now a days, enjoy most of my evenings with my son in the new found garden.

Now wait a minute.  This is just a humble one.  Don't dream of an exotic one with grass and green house and stuff.  This is a economical yet most satisfying one.  Though my son's studies is taking a dip, I still think it is a good way to relax than to watch those wretched cartoons, movies or serials.

Here are a few pics of the garden.  I will soon try to post about each individual plant as I come by.

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