Monday, October 19, 2015

Collar neck - a successful attempt

Sewing class was among the best things that happened in my life.  What started out to be a hobby turned into my passion.  My teacher was good in teaching the basics and some more advanced concepts.  Due to family responsibilities and health reasons, I could not enroll for many classes.  But the courses offered are an ocean and what I had learnt is just a drop.
But with what I had learnt, a few things slips out of mind even with some proper notes.  Collar making was one of them.  Though I did remember many of the concept, some basic nuances I forgot.  So one time when I tried to sew a collar kameez it turned out to be a disaster.
I had to convert it to a high neck kameez and camouflage the deep neck cut with a patch work.  It worked out great and totally saved my kameez, but I did not have the courage to try it out again and salvage it later.  There are a lot of tutorials in the internet about a collared neck, but nothing exact to the method that I had learnt.  Then recently I discovered this youtube channel, Savi Fashions.  If only she had come a bit earlier, I would have been more confident about my collared necks. 
Kameez before collar
The collar piece
Notches at the centre

After attaching
The 1/4" glitch

The final pic of the kameez
How it looks from the back
She described the exact method that my teacher had taught me and I gladly tried it out.  The collared neck kameez turned out very good.  But only a small glitch.  I had taken the measurement wrong.  I measured about a 1/4"  less and so one side ended up a bit less.  But I am more confident now and I will not make this mistake again in my next kameez.
Thank you once again Savitha madam.  Your tutorial really helped me.

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