Friday, January 11, 2019

Pretty Woman

I picked up this book after the Goodreads recommendations.  The summary was gripping like all the chicklit stories and I have a weakness for chicklits.  Its uplifting and inspiring with a lots of romance.  I wanted to read about the weight loss regime and the happy life after that.  But I was quite disappointed.

Rosie is a wealthy girl who had inherited her parents mansions, has a house keeper and doting friend.  She is described as some one with weight problems.  She is a size 14.  I am size 14 and I don't have 9 rolls of fat.  And I certainly don't feel sorry in anyway.  Life happens.  She bought herself a husband and I don't know why she cannot kick him out of her life a lot before.  Suddenly it happens.  I mean he has this repulsive attitude towards her always and she suddenly grows a spine one day.

The character development of Rosie could have been a little better.  Then there is Jack and he is wealthy too.  Just Rosie doesn't know about it (duh!).  There is a spark between them and I would want to experience more of it, like Nora Roberts or Harlequin Books.  This is a Romance novel isn't it?  There are no stolen glances, electric touches, just bland. 

And what about the health regime.  I was a fool looking to be inspired.  This lady has a housekeeper, a personal trainer, has won a lottery ticket, has kicked her wretched husband and yet whines and complaints about life.  I am not sure what makes a blessed person.  After a few months of training she participates in the triathlon and she wins (rolling my eyes).  She competes against a navy SEAL and WON!! (Did I miss something?).  Maybe the author got inspired watching some Bollywood crap.

Then there is Kent, her ex husband.  He goes from being this bad womaniser to a good person.  I don't know what the author was thinking about this character.  It is not developed properly.  Suddenly he turns around and has a halo above his head.  I mean people do change but there is no background for such an important change.  Its like how Tom Cruise says in Jerry McGuire movie, "I ate some bad pizza, went to bed and grew a conscience."

I am an Indian, however I have stayed in the States.  I know the floral arrangements are a big deal there.  There are florist who are very popular for their flowers and arrangements.  But I hadn't heard about these weed decorations.  Agreed there are few here and there in the internet but I am not sure if that would make a very lucrative and thriving business as described.  I have no idea.  I mean why can't one walk around pick some and do the arrangements themselves? Why spend a $50 on 40 cents worth piece.  It boggles my mind.  Any way moving on..

There is this eerie.. I'm sorry, magical part about the tree.  Its haunted with Jack's wife spirit.   But the tree and Rosie are best friends.  I don't know why the author has thrown in a dash of paranormal.  It doesn't sit well with the story and there is no role for the tree other than confront Kent.

Well the bottom line is I wasted 300 rupees.  I wouldn't recommend it to any one.  This is my first and probably the last of Fern Michael's book.

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