Saturday, January 12, 2019

I too had a love story

This is a love story like any other.  A love story only the arranged marriage types would understand, with the restrictions that our Indian culture has.  The first phase of the book covers mostly the introductions and the bubbly romances.  So many parts were relatable as the author has just penned down what has happened in his life.  The late night calls, the cheerful singsong voices, the nick names that remain rightful only to you.  It was like reliving those courting days.  Lost in love and to live the rest of the life with the one we have started loving. 

The second phase delves deeper into the closeness of the relationships not just of the love birds but of the entire family.  I sometimes had skipped and skimmed parts of these as I can understand and predict those emotions.  The Last part of this phase just hits you.  I bought this book way back some 5 or 6 years earlier.  Back then this book was a best seller and I wanted to read it.  I did not know it belonged to the tragic genre.  I was choked and out of breath at a few places wishing and hoping along with the author.  Some times its a curse when the beloved departs and we die everyday with memories that just cannot be erased.

Though the author has registered these tragic moments only in the last 50 pages or so, still it is heart wrenching.  The only hope and a kindle to read the second novel is to find out if he has gotten settled and how his life is.  With the brief summary of the second novel, I am expecting it to be as good as the first one.

There is no pretension or in any way make believe as the story is straight out of the life of the author.  The language and the flow is very much delightful.  Honestly I was a little reluctant when I started with the first page of the novel, but I was hooked instantly and read through it in a breeze.  I would recommend it if you are into those tragic love stories like Nicholas Sparks novels.

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