Friday, November 9, 2018

Petu Pumpkin Tiffin Thief - Review

When Venky sir forgets a students name, he assigns them a nickname.  Hence Pushkin is named Petu Pumpkin.  How apt!  He is seen with a load of colourful tiffin boxes trying to board his school bus.  Even after his grandmother has toiled to make an elaborate array of dishes, he still cannot satiate his hunger.  What happens when he has polished off all his tiffin boxes before lunch? Yes.. you guessed it.. He starts stealing his friends lunches too. 

When his hungry friends cannot take it anymore, they form a secret society to deal with Petu.  They try to come up with ideas as to why Petu is always hungry and how to make him stop stealing their lunches.  Were the Awesome Foursome successful with their plan? What happens to Petu in the end?  Read this novel to find out and become nostalgic if you are an adult.

Arundathi Venkatesh has a knack to capture the class room scene with all the mischief and gossip mongering.  My kid had finished the whole book in about a couple of hours.  He was able to totally connect with the plot and had a few good laughs too.  As for me, I felt nostalgic remembering how we used to enjoy.. err hate the classes, share lunch under the big tree, after school talks and many more.  Though this book is aimed for young readers with ease for reading, I would buy its sequel too if my kid is interested.

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