Monday, November 19, 2018

How I taught my Grandmother to read - review

How I taught my grandmother to read is a book full of importance for education.  It emphasises on the different aspects of education and how it has changed the life of people the author comes across.  Sudha Murthy talks about education through her experiences with many people, be it her grandmother, Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, her former students, her family and even her teachers.

Each chapter describes her incident or adventures in life where education or values or virtue are the underlying theme.  What is more important is that she sees virtue through education and that is the ultimate form of education.  For every bothering situation, for every debate for every witty question, Sudha Murthy narrates a story and deduces a conclusion or solution from the moral of the story.  This will certainly prove a worthy read for young adults.  They can learn a lot of virtues, values and culture through these stories and her experiences.

Every chapter is worth having a mention but I especially liked the chapters about her teacher Gauramma, how I taught my grandmother to read, the red rice granary which delves a little more into her younger days.

Sudha Murthy, a gifted story teller, is also a people person.  I have always loved to read her work as her English is simple and the story normally tends to grow from her experience with people.  She is a simple person and a philanthropist who has worked the length and breath of this country and has worked with both the intellectual and the uneducated, the rich and the poor alike.

I bought this book thinking it would be a good read for my 10 year old kid.  Though this may be a bit too overwhelming for him, I enjoyed this book thoroughly.  It will be a good read for him in a few years to come.  

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