Friday, May 12, 2017

Bahubali 2 - The conclusion

I watched the most expected epic saga Bahubali 2 last week around this time but never got to review it as life was a bit busy.  Bahubali the beginning was a tad less announced or rather advertised.  We all had thought it was just an epic based on the myths and folklore of our ancient India.  The base of the story was kind of loosely based on the myth Mahabharath.  I mean there are two sons, one a cripple and the other the righteous.  But the cripple doesn't get to rule because he is not a cripple by body but by mind.  He, simply put, is a bad snake in the glorious kingdom.

So the story of the glorious Bahubali starts with the flashback of the dutiful servant Kattappa.  The war scenes and everything were just beyond imagination, and so gripping.  This pivotal plot just set the character of both Bahubali and PalvalDevan.  So does it decide who rules.  But the first part ends with Kattappa confessing that he killed the mighty Bahubali.  So there ends the first part.

The second part starts with an introduction of Bahubali so grandeur that it fits the grandeur of the whole film.  He is shown as this righteous ruler and caring son who is just on the brink of becoming the ruler of this mighty kingdom.  But as fate would have it, he visits his kingdom and falls in love with princess Devasena.  Turn of events leads to lot of misunderstanding, the sinuous plot of Palval Devan.  So Bahubali ends up becoming the commander in chief of the army rather than the King, just to save his word to the princess.

Meanwhile the plot thickens to banish Bahubali and ultimately kill him.  Yet they succeed in doing so.  But they do not succeed in killing his son, who is his heir to the throne.  The rest of the story is about vendetta, revenge and happy endings.

I feel the story was a bit long, some of the parts could have been cut short, like the romance between Bahubali and Devasena.  But as the story moves, the plots are too gripping to compensate for the sags.  The romance song with special effects just add more color to the movie.  The palace, the forest, the whole set is awe inspiring that you cannot find any fault with.  The director has justified why Kattappa killed Bahubali, though it was trecherous.  Otherwise the film wouldn't have grossed so attention as it has now. The facts about technology  just goes above my head.  Though we ultimately know the ending, it was still worth watching till the end.  We are proud that a south Indian film has gotten a special mention in many international screens.  Director, S.S Rajamouli and his fantasy films, like Naan E, Mahadheera and now Bahubali proves how far he can stand up to International Standards.

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